A New Year’s Thought

Charlene Dash writes how she intends to live the new year of 2006 –

“Small, repetitive, daily living that, at best, will breathe life-giving love into toxic places, that is the work that the Creator designed. The location is inconsequential really. The blaze of glory is reserved for the Creator alone and, to the world around us, is often seen best when our living and doing is no more.”

This is truly Christian living. To which she appends this question we all need to ask –

“Am I content with the Master’s design?”

Happy New Year!


Depraved Soul’s Abyss


Arriving with nudity and explicit gay sex scenes between two cowboys, UNIVERSAL/FOCUS FILMS’s BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN has quietly become an award season frontrunner, interviews with Academy members reveal.

“It could very well be the last film standing at this year’s Oscars,” a top Hollywood producer not associated with the film explained from Hollywood.

“There was not a dry eye in the house at the screening at Telluride [Film Festival in Colorado],” says the producer, who asked not to be named out of respect for the cast and crew of the producer’s own Oscar contender. “Watch it come out of the gate at the Golden Globes with super controversy.”

What are we to say?
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I know this guy!


If I can’t recommend my own book, then why write it in the first place? However, I won’t review it. That, I’ll leave to others. You may in the comment section if you like. Good, bad or indifferent. It is a faulty piece at best – but I do believe there is some practical advice to be had in avoiding my mistakes. The review below was by Gareth James in the Evangelical Times.
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A look back at Jabez

Yeah, its dated. But the book continues to sell and spawn ancillary “products”. Maybe a look back is worth it. Besides, it was still in my files. Waste not, want not!

It raises some of the perennial problems we have in Evangelicalism both in terms of superstitious approaches to Christianinty, as well as prayer itself. Hopefully, I’ll blog on both sometime in the relatively near future. But for now – Heeeeer’s Bruce!
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