I know this guy!


If I can’t recommend my own book, then why write it in the first place? However, I won’t review it. That, I’ll leave to others. You may in the comment section if you like. Good, bad or indifferent. It is a faulty piece at best – but I do believe there is some practical advice to be had in avoiding my mistakes. The review below was by Gareth James in the Evangelical Times.

Ministers should not read this book — unless they want their hearts and minds encouraged, warmed and stimulated!

Those considering or in preparation for the ministry should not read it — unless they want to be forewarned and forearmed as to the subtle pressures they are likely to face in their ministries.

Above all Christians outside of ‘the ministry’ should not read it — unless they want to be informed of the subtle dangers, temptations and pressures their minister faces, day in and day out.

Other than that, it is a most readable book of 20 short chapters. Each chapter keeps our attention and is a kind of expanded proverb, with wise and pithy observations and comments on a wide variety of aspects of the ministry — check out the attention-grabbing headings of the chapters!

Reid Ferguson’s background and experience means he is well qualified to write with warmth and understanding on the matters he covers.

It is not an in-depth treatment of the ministry (he points us to those who do give in-depth treatments). But it is a warm and stimulating book that should help and encourage all who read it, whether in or outside of ‘the ministry’.

Gareth James

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