MIssion to Mars – Sermon Notes for 7/17/2016

Mission to Mars (Mars Hill that is) What’s All This About Worldview? Acts 17:16-34 Romans 1:18-23 AUDIO FOR THIS SERMON CAN BE FOUND HERE What is a worldview, and why does it matter? The simplest and best definition I’ve heard … Continue reading

Praying for the Holy Spirit

As we were singing in worship this morning, that old hymn by Edwin Hatch “Breathe on me Breath of God” – I could not help but think back to the words of the Puritan John Owen regarding our need to … Continue reading

John Newton on how the Lord guides His People.

One of perennial issues in the Christian life, is that of understanding the Lord’s leading in life. All of Christ’s own (ostensibly) want to do His will in every aspect of living. Often, this discussion devolves into 2 polar opposites: … Continue reading

As I was Reading Today – Insight from Andrew Fuller

There is a tendency in the human mind to deviate from Divine truth. Had it not been for the illuminating influence of the Spirit of God, we should never have understood it; not because of its abstruseness, but on account … Continue reading

A Saturday’s Prayer

Can be sung to the tune of O Sacred Head, Now Wounded. Lord Jesus, God incarnate True God, and truest man The two in one united To be Atonement’s Lamb What praises can we offer To sing Thy worthiness? Eternity’s … Continue reading

As I was Reading Today – Seiss’s Lectures on the Apocalypse

Sometimes you unearth comments about one subject, whilst perusing another. In this case, this comes from Seiss’s 2nd lecture on the book of The revelation. And the text he was expatiating upon was this: Revelation 1:4–5 (ESV) “4 John to … Continue reading

As I was Reading Today – in Andrew Fuller

The following is a very short sermon by Andrew Fuller on how it is God seems to send days of mercy to balance off days of affliction. He notes how days of difficulty and dark trials are to be an … Continue reading