Revealtion Ch. 4 – Holy, Holy, Holy

Revelation Part 13 Isaiah 6:1-7 Revelation 4:1–11 AUDIO FOR THIS SERMON CAN BE FOUND HERE Having finished up Jesus’ messages to the 7 churches, we now move on in the book of Revelation to things that are far less easy … Continue reading

Walking Through Twilight – A Recommendation

Qualifier: The following is not as much a review, as it is a plea for you to buy this book, read it, digest it and learn from it. Walking Through Twilight – a memoir by Douglas Groothuis is not an … Continue reading

A Thanksgiving Hymn from John Newton

No, this hymn wasn’t written regarding our American Thanksgiving. It was written in giving thanks for salvation and the freedom in Christ we have received in our salvation. It is told through the voice of the demoniac freed from Legion. … Continue reading

Faith’s Response to the Ultimate Test – Abraham: Dr. Mike Canham

AUDIO FOR THIS SERMON CAN BE FOUND HERE We were so pleased today to have my dear friend Dr. Mike Canham from Cornerstone Seminary here to preach. He did an outstanding job on helping Christians face times of trial and … Continue reading

Am I a Christian?

Am I a Christian? 1 Thess. 1 (Entire) Acts 17:1-12 AUDIO FOR THIS SERMON CAN BE FOUND HERE I fully intended to pick up in chapter 4 of our study in the book of Revelation this week, but something keeps … Continue reading

The 5 Solas – Soli Deo Gloria

5 Solas 5 Soli Deo Gloria Isaiah 48:1-11 Ephesians 1:3-14 Matthew 6:9-13 AUDIO FOR THIS SERMON CAN BE FOUND HERE We’ve arrived at the 5th of the slogans of the Protestant Reformation – Soli Deo Gloria – to the glory … Continue reading