Not the “LAST” word, but “A” Word on a Biblical view of refugees and sanctuary

With all of the current controversy and discussion in our nation regarding immigration, refugees, the idea of sanctuary and the like – those on all sides of the discussion seem prone to invoke “Christianity” in support of their views, policies … Continue reading

To be, or not to be – A Buzz-kill. Thoughts on Christian Cuevas and The Voice

Christian Cuevas on The Voice Like many, I’ve been alerted to the recent semifinal performance of [The] Voice contestant Christian Cuevas. He sang the popular worship song, ‘To Worship You I live.” And let me start off by affirming both … Continue reading

Something to Think About: National Sins

2 Samuel 21:1–6 (ESV)  1 Now there was a famine in the days of David for three years, year after year. And David sought the face of the LORD. And the LORD said, “There is bloodguilt on Saul and on … Continue reading


In this election year, one cannot read or hear anything about the Presidential hopefuls and their constituents without hearing about the “evangelical” voting block.   Some candidates want to take the label to themselves, in order to identify with this … Continue reading

Debunking the John Hagee’s Blood Moons – or – Unknotting Your Knickers

  Got your knickers in knot over the continuing hype over John Hagee’s “Blood Moons Prophecy” stuff? Well, take the knots out. You’ll be a lot more comfortable, and you won’t have to walk funny. Below is a link to … Continue reading