Why go to Church? Part 1

AUDIO FOR THIS SERMON CAN BE FOUND HERE I saw it just this week in a Facebook post: “Does a Christian HAVE to go to church?” The debate raged hotly. And of course, we need to ask just what one … Continue reading

Why go to Church? Part 2

Why go to Church? Pt. 2 AUDIO FOR THIS SERMON CAN BE FOUND HERE Last time, we began to look at this question by exploring the nature of all Believers being a Priesthood unto God. And we looked at it mainly … Continue reading

So much wisdom in so few words.

Sometimes the economy of words Scripture employs to communicate deep theological truth is truly staggering. Proverbs 4:24-27 is one of those places. Let me tease out just some ideas of key importance here. First off, note that wisdom is always … Continue reading

The Doctrine of Assurance Pt. 8

  Audio for this Sermon can be found here As you all know, our current series is rooted in the little letter of 1 John. In it, John states 4 explicit reasons for writing the letter. 1 – “And we … Continue reading

As I was reading today: A glad word from John Newton

A secret dependence upon prayers, tears, resolutions, repentance, and endeavours, prevents us from looking solely and simply to the Saviour, so as to ground our whole hope for acceptance upon his obedience unto death, and his whole mediation. John Newton … Continue reading

The Doctrine of Assurance Pt. 7

Assurance and the Gospel Audio for this sermon can be found here We’re nearing the end of our study on the doctrine of the assurance of salvation, with just 2 more considerations out of 1 John. You know that I … Continue reading