February Reading #4

Today’s Readings Feb. #4 : Matt. 121-21; Acts 17:1-15 Psalm 27; Ex. 10-12

Ps. 27:14 Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for
the LORD!

The last verse of this marvelous Psalm calls us to what we imagine is the hardest
of Christian duties – to wait. Nothing seems more difficult at times. Especially
when needs are pressing in all around us. Yet David’s words are not to be construed
as some empty platitude. “Wait” can seem cruel if understood to be nothing more
than hanging on or biding our time. The Psalmist has nothing of the kind in view.
The Hebrew original is not word that implies “sit and do nothing”. The word here
means to look for eagerly, to gain strength by looking with expectancy and hope.
And why ought we to wait so expectantly and hopefully in times of need and
distress? Because as his opening verse tells us: “The LORD is my light and my
salvation…The LORD is the stronghold of my life.” This then is the holy secret –
to wait upon God with hope and expectancy because He is my light – the real
truth of every matter is revealed as I see it in the context of His sovereign loving
grace; He is my salvation – He does not provide salvation, He IS salvation itself,
and I have Him in all His glory in Christ; He is my stronghold – My fortress, my
rock, my harbor, my refuge. Those that are Christ’s are safe in the arms of their
Gentle Shepherd: A strong Defender against the onslaughts of the enemy; a
loving Provider who knows the deepest wants of our souls; a bountiful Supply
unlimited in resources; an all wise Guide; a loyal Friend who cannot betray us;
our Divine Substitute in the day of wrath; the Lamb slain for our sins; and our
ever living Intercessor before the Throne of God. “Wait for the LORD; be strong,
and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!”


One thought on “February Reading #4

  1. “He IS salvation itself”. So very true.

    You have done well in using this blog as an expositional tool. May the spirit of “Todays Manna” live on here.

    Mark Pierson

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