February Readings #7

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from the Scripture
Today’s Readings Feb. #7 : Matt. 13:1-23; Acts 18:18-28 Psalm 30; Ex. 19-20

Pagan altars always included steps. The idea was that man must ascend to his
god. But it is not so with the Living God. Ex. 20:26 has God marking out the
difference between true religion and that of man. There are no steps to ascend,
even in the discharge of our most holy duties – like the priesthood of Aaron. No,
the altar was on the ground. It was so, because God Himself must condescend, or
here is no hope for man at all. We can never ascend toward Him. Salvation is all
of God. Even our service is only in response to His bending low to meet us in the
dust. Never can we find a human means to climb up to Him. God must humble
Himself to come in the likeness of sinful flesh, because sinful flesh has no means
of rising up to take on the likeness of Divine Righteousness. Now the words “that
your nakedness be not exposed on it” may refer to modesty in terms of making
sure that all decency was guarded. But given the longer garb of that day, the
more likely point seems to be spiritual, not physical. The idea being that even
though the sacrifices themselves have reference to our sin, we are never to
make more of our sin than of His provision for it in Christ’s atoning sacrifice.
Thus once again, He does not say to fallen man “approach me in your most
groveling fashion” bringing the chief of our attention to our sin; as much as
“come to Me, all you who are weak and heavy laden” – so as to make His mercy
and grace the greater focus. We do well to remember this in our worship even
today – to put the emphasis not upon our great sin, but on His much greater
grace. For “the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased,
grace abounded all the more.” Rom. 5:20 – Grace has abounded all the more
indeed! Praise our glorious Savior!


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