Feb. Readings #8

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from the Scripture
Today’s Readings Feb. #8 : Matt. 13:24-43; Acts 19:1-22 Psalm 31; Ex. 21-23

The 7 parables of Jesus in Matt. 13 are His primer on understanding God’s
Kingdom as opposed to all the kingdoms of men. And to take them in together is
to form a wonderful new view of what God is doing and how throughout the ages.
Here is a quick overview. Tomorrow we’ll look at some practical applications.
Since He delivered all of these in on setting, it is advantageous to look at them
that way too.

More tomorrow.

1 – Mystery of Propagation / The Sower & The Soils / 3-9, 18-23 – How
Evangelism & the expansion of the Kingdom works. The sower sows God’s Word.

2 – Mystery of Proximity / The Wheat & The Tares / 24-30, 36-43 – How
Christians and the Lost co-exist in the earth in this age.

3 – Mystery of Transition / The Mustard Seed / 31, 32 – Explaining the Small beginning of the Kingdom versus its great end.

4 – Mystery of Transformation / The Leaven / 33 – Explaining the gradual but thorough work of progressive sanctification within the Believer.

5 – Mystery of Supremacy / Hidden Treasure / 44 – How it is that genuine Believers are motivated to sacrifice all for that which others cannot see.

6 – Mystery of Superiority / Pearl / 45, 46 – Explaining how it is that genuine
Believers place Christ above everything else.

7 – Mystery of the Consummation / The Drag-net / 47-50 – Explaining the free
offer of the Gospel to all men.


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