Feb. Readings #9

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Readings Feb. #9 : Matt. 13:44-58;
Acts 19:23-41 Psalm 32; Ex. 24-26

Yesterday we gave a quick summary of the 7 parables in Matt. 13. Today, we’d
like to make those a little more digestible in building a complete “Kingdom”
outlook or worldview for the Believer. In other words, if we were there listening
to Jesus teach these, what ought we to have walked away with in our hearts and

A – We ought to have great confidence & comfort in – the simple plan and
program of God in evangelism – God’s Word is sufficient!

B – There is no need to fret of fear if the world seems to grow, prosper and
progress along with us – the harvest will come! This is how Jesus said it would be.
The Tares WILL grow with the Wheat.

C – Though the Kingdom may seem small and insignificant now –wait. The half
has not been told!

D – Though you seem to make little progress in sanctification, you WILL be
transformed into His likeness as the Kingdom grows within you and affects every

E – Though others have not seen what you have – you are not a fool to forsake
that which you cannot keep to obtain that which you cannot lose!

F – Let no one dissuade you from the singular excellencies of Christ. Truth is all
around us – But He is THE Truth, THE Life, and THE way!

G – Give the Gospel to all and draw them in, but give men no comfort in the
MERE fact that they dwell among the saints simply because they found a drawing
attraction in the Gospel – if they have not been changed, if they are spoiled or
dead or unprofitable, they WILL be cast away!

Rehearsing these points often would go a great way toward helping us keep our
focus and avoiding discouragement as we wait His return.


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