February Readings #11

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Readings Feb. #11 : Matt. 14:22-36; Acts 20:13-38; Psalm 34; Ex. 30-31

“Lord, save me!” What a wonderful prayer. It isn’t eloquent. It isn’t wordy. It
makes no appeal as to why the Lord ought to hear, or why Peter was worth
saving. It is the instinctive cry of one in the fear and terror of the moment, to
another who it appears to him can help. That in itself is worthy to note isn’t it? To
the natural eye, Jesus wasn’t the best choice. After all, He wasn’t exactly standing
on dry ground. But He WAS there and He WASN’T sinking, and though there was
no rational explanation as to why He was actually walking on the water, Peter
knew He was indeed able, and He cried out. The unanswered questions
notwithstanding. So it often with our own prayers. We’re not quite sure if they
can really help, but we see Jesus with the eye of faith. We cannot explain it all.
We cannot tell those around us in rational detail how it is we KNOW He can help,
but we still just instinctively cry to Him. It is one of the proofs that we are truly
born again. His Spirit is within us and we cry out “Abba Father” when in trouble –
the way any little child naturally cries for its parent. Peter’s cry in the original
carries with the idea of “Lord, save me – and do it NOW!” Our sweet Jesus is
never afraid of our emergencies, but is able to meet us in all of them. No matter
how bizarre or improbable or drastic they may be. Nothing was less probable
than sinking from a quick walk on the water in the middle of a raging storm. But
this is no impediment to our God. Nor is our lack of faith a barrier He cannot
overcome. Jesus will ask Peter to examine himself for why his faith failed, but He
does not fail Peter because of it. Nor will He fail you beloved. Though your faith
this very day be weak and failing, cry out! He is near – even in the most
improbable places and bizarre circumstances. And He is not thwarted by your
lack of faith. Just call. Cry out. Look to Him in the emergency. He will save you.

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