February Readings #13

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
The account of the Canaanite woman coming to Jesus in Matt. 15 is a compelling
one. And it demonstrates to us the room that grace makes. Jesus is clear – He is
sent ONLY to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Yes, the chief intention of His
plan is clear. But this does not negate the reality of an overflowing and abundant
grace that makes room for others as well. You see, He is a God of mercy, a God
of grace, a God of love. It is not that He has but bits and pieces of each – these
are attributes within Him. So it is that even when He makes a clear intention
known, it does not follow that that is ALL He is willing to do. This woman doesn’t
take as her warrant to pursue Him any promise given to her, nor any expressed
intent in Jesus – indeed, He expressed what appeared to be the very opposite.
No, she takes as her warrant grace displayed. She has seen and heard of His
goodness. That is enough. Many a poor sinner has feared they have no warrant
to flee to Jesus – but I tell you it isn’t so. If they have no express promise
(though in fact they do for the Scripture is replete with them), or at least none
is known to them, yet the very nature of God revealed in Christ as merciful to
men’s sins, full of forgiveness and grace, this alone is warrant enough. What a
glorious Christ.


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