February Readings #14

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
The opening verses of Psalm 139 are a truly wonderful example of what John
means in 1 Jn. 5:3b where the Holy Spirit says: “His commandments are not
burdensome.” In the first 8 verses, David helps us see am entire series of really
wonderful commandments.

vs. 1 – Fret not; vs. 3 – Trust in the Lord; vs. 4 – Delight yourself in the Lord; vs.
5 – Commit your way to the Lord; vs. 7 – Be still before the Lord; vs. 8 – Refrain
from anger. Trust, Delight, Commit, Be still and Refrain. What sweet things to
command us to. There is nothing here of hard going and gritting one’s teeth. Of
ponderous acts beyond our strength or contrary to good desires. Everything here
is pleasant and good. Every one of these commands is obeyed by FAITH. And so
it with God’s commands. If one still feels like they are bands around the neck,
then we are seeing them through a lens of trying to accomplish them to get God’s
favor, instead of reveling in them as a sign of God’s favor. Christ has come, and
duties have been transformed into precious privileges. Righteousness has been
fulfilled, so now I no longer fear the Law, but see the beauty of pursuing
righteousness in the aftermath of being declared righteous with the
righteousness of Christ. Everything He calls us to in these verses based upon the
reality that God is faithful, just, holy and good. And if we are His in Christ – the
world is a very different place. Evil doers are not to be envied or fretted over,
they’ll perish soon enough. God is your portion and your full reward. He will be
faithful and true to all His promises. He will yet prove to be all your need and
desire. Look to Him. Trust in Him. Delight in him. Rest in Him. Wait for Him. These
are joyous, refreshing, uplifting and glorious commands. Oh that He might give
us hearts to love them and embrace them with all our might.


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