February Scripture Readings #19

Walk in Wisdom Gleanings from Scripture

Walk in Wisdom Gleanings from Scripture

Clean and unclean animals. The list in Lev. 11 is one that cannot help but spark
curiosity. Why these distinctions? They aren’t new. Noah knew the difference
when gather the animals for the Ark – though there was no prohibition then
against eating some and not others. Nor is there any prohibition now (see: 1
Tim. 4:3 & 4) Many have attempted to explain it in terms of health concerns,
but surely God was interested in our health before these Laws and since 1
Timothy. But what must guide our thoughts here, is the very fact that no
explanation is given. None is needed. The bottom line to it is, that God in this
place, made His preferences for His people known, and in the process, marked
them out by those preferences as distinctly and uniquely His. Might I say that
this is a symbol of the tender, fond and personal love He had for them. For you
do not make your personal preferences binding on all, such things only enter
into the interactions with those closest to us to those who we have a mutual
love and respect relationship with. Far from Israel seeing this as restrictive,
they ought to have embraced it as an expression of His intimacy and personal
nearness to them. You don’t know how I like my coffee prepared, but my wife
does. And she complies not because I demand it, but in love, she desires to
know what pleases me. The Living God condescends to make what pleases Him
in regard to this people apart from all the other peoples of the earth known.
So much of Scripture is written to God’s people with this in mind. But our lack of
love for Him often turns such matters into slavish laws we rebel against. Let it
not be so with us beloved. Let us look at how God reveals in His Word those
things that delight His heart. Those things that He reveals as His preferences, if
that is perhaps all we understand them to be. And let us with giddy delight seek
them out to do them and please Him in them because love would delight to do


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