February Scriptures Readings #20

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture

Today’s Readings Feb. #20 : Matt. 19:1-15; Acts 26:1-18; Psalm 42; Lev. 14-15

I never tire of reading the account of Paul’s encounter with Agrippa. The ease
and the confidence with which he addresses his audience is worthy of our
notice. Not only does he not apologize for the Gospel, he asks aloud “Why is it
thought incredible by any of you that God raises the dead?” Where we are
sometimes intimidated by the World’s incredulity at our message – Paul is
incredulous that “any” should imagine our claims of God’s power to be less than
acceptable truth. How things have changed. Might I say beloved that this
account is a wonderful reminder of how and why we ought never to blush at the
Gospel. It is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes, and
THEY are the ones who are foolish if they take it lightly. And that, Paul outlines
here in four magnificent terms. First, in salvation, men are turned from
“darkness to light”. They move from obscurity about reality to reality as God
knows it. Only those in Christ can know the “truth” about life, pain, sin,
righteousness and salvation. Do not be intimidated. The World does not know.
Secondly he says that this salvation is being turned from the power of Satan to
God. From being under demonic influence to the liberty of those who are as
free as God Himself. Thirdly, those who believe receive “forgiveness of sin.”
Absolute pardon so as to never fear the judgment or condemnation of God
Himself. Though our sin is not gone – our guilt has been atoned for and we live
knowing the full acceptance and approval of God as though we had lived in the
perfect righteousness of Christ Himself. Lastly, he says we gain “a place among
those who are sanctified by faith in [Christ].” We are not saved and then left
alone. We are saved and gathered into the very household of the saints. Into
God’s family by adoption. Into Christ. And these four things says Paul, were
communicated to him by the lips of the risen Savior Himself. Blush at the
Gospel? Not Paul. Neither should we. As the hymn writer said: “We’ve a story to
tell to the nations; That shall turn their hearts to the right. A story of truth and
mercy, A story of peace and light.”


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