Scripture Readings for March 6, 2006

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture

We are hard put to find a more wonderful digest of what belongs to the Believer
than these opening verses in Romans 5. Look at the rich and precious
progression of thoughts: First, justification by faith. Declared “righteous” at the
holy tribunal of the Living God. But that justification does not simply remove us
from God’s wrath, it positively makes Him to be at peace with us. Peace with
God – what a glorious thing! At peace with the holiness that once sought to
punish my sin. And make no mistake – this is a peace He Himself sought to
bring about even when we had no regard for it whatever. But every one who is
in Christ by faith, can rest assured that God the Father has nothing but a heart
of peace toward them. Now this would be good news indeed – but the Apostle is
not done. Peace with God yes, a peace that grants us “access” to the fullness of
His unmerited favor. It is one thing to say I am at peace with someone. I may
even be so with my enemies at times. But it is quite another to have the
fullness of their grace – their favor. To be an object of their fondest thoughts
and desires. To know that every approach to them is met not with some formal
tolerance, but the inviting embrace of the dearest of friends and the most
intimate of loved ones. This access we have (though I dare say we take so little
advantage of really living in it) because of Christ’s blood. But our writer is not
through yet. Righteousness, Peace, Grace we have, but then he adds – “hope of
the glory of God.” God’s glory is Himself most fully revealed. This is the
Believer’s hope – if you will, the explanation of what the fullness of the grace
we access looks like. It is to have God the Father to so draw near to us and
open Himself up to us as to enjoy revelations of the divine nature that can
never be known by the mere transmission of propositional truth. In Heaven, we
shall know (Him) even as He knows us! He promises us not things – but Him. He
makes the eternal experience of God Himself in the deepest possible intimacy
to be the supreme prize set before us. And what does that do for us now? It
enables us to rejoice even in sufferings. Since we know this will be the end of
them – To have God.


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