Scripture Readings for Mar. 7, 2006

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture

The matters of sin, God’s Law, Adam’s fall and God’s redemptive plan capture our
attention always, because these are the broad realities which impact and frame
all of life. Everything you and I are, think and do are informed by these sweeping
realities. And God’s Word is constantly reminding us of them so that we live not in
illusion, but in reality – so that we live life “more abundantly” – grasping and interacting with life as it fits into the framework of eternity. So it is in this passage
the Spirit’s words bring before us 3 wonderful windows of understanding. First,
there is a comparison between Adam & Christ. Both are heads of a race. Adam
originally as a type or a foreshadowing of Christ, head over the human family. As
a type of Christ, Adam, in his role, acted in ways which impacted all those he was head over. His sin became ours in some way. The proof? Sin brought death, and
all men die, therefore: All men are sinners. Even though we don’t break the
identical “law” Adam broke, we have the same rebellious attitude toward God’s authority. Second, there are contrasts as well. While one sin brought death to all,
one Death – Christ’s, brings life to all. While it is relatively easy to kill a man – it
is impossible to raise one from the dead. But that is precisely what Christ does.
Adam could only kill, but Christ can give life, everlasting life at that. Also, Adam’s one sin brought death to all, but Christ’s one death deals with all sins. Sin of very
type is met in Him. No kind of sin is excluded. Lastly, since it was one man’s
DISobedience which brought all of this about – so the remedy is to be found only in one man’s Obedience. Not a group’s obedience. Not each individual’s
obedience – but only One’s obedience. Our righteousness is an imputed one, as
Luther would call it an “alien” one. Christ IS our righteousness. And He then IS
our salvation.


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