If it weren’t for God’s electing love, none would be saved.

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Readings Mar. 14, 2006 : Matt. 25:31-46; Rom. 9:1-18; Ps. 61; Nu. 33-36

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Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture

In Rom. 9, we have the opening up of one of the most interesting and glorious of
the Bible’s doctrines: the doctrine of election. Some, chafe at the very thought.
Man wishes at all times and in all matters to be his own God for purposes of
choosing whatever he pleases. We want this right for ourselves even over God’s
own rights – the first-rights of the Creator. Even among men, when someone
invents or creates something for themselves, we recognize their right to
sovereignty over it. The very base upon which all truth stands has as its
cornerstones: a. God made all things; b. God owns all things (by virtue of
originating them); c. God rules all things; d. God will judge all things. These we
can evince from numerous passages. But while such truths often chafe against
our fallen desire to have autonomy over and against God, the truth is, if there
were no electing power or grace in God, then in reality, none would ever be saved. For left to ourselves, we would never so come to love righteousness as to
want to flee from all our dearest our sin. We would never so judge ourselves as
guilty as the death of the Cross of Calvary and a just, eternal damnation demonstrates. We would never so love to surrender our autonomy to own the
absolute Lordship of God. We would never so love Him above ourselves, as to
live for the glory that is due Him. Man WILL NOT come to God, for we are at
enmity with Him – until by God’s grace, that enmity is somehow removed. This
then is why the doctrine of election is so precious. Because if some, indeed if ANY
at all are to be brought in, man’s contrary desire must be overcome. We would
not come. If He did not elect some to salvation, all would be lost. And the heart of
God will not bear to have it so. He will not see the whole of those He created to bear His image lost to their sin and rebellion. Against all odds, He, in inscrutable
grace saves some of His most wicked enemies. And gives us the honor of
proclaiming His willingness to save, to all men.


5 thoughts on “If it weren’t for God’s electing love, none would be saved.

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