Tell it to me – again. Please!

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Readings Mar. 15/06 : Matt. 26:1-15;
Romans 9:19-33; Psalm 62; Deut. 1-3

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Genesis is the book of “Beginnings.” It introduces us to where we came from
God’s hand); why we exist (God’s glory in His mercy & grace); why we are the
way we are (our rebellion and sin in Adam and all its effects) and God’s grace
in promising our Redeemer and foreshadowing Him in numerous ways). Exodus
helps us wrestle with the nature of “Deliverance” – from the world, and sin and
the products of our own sinfulness. It reveals our faithlessness, and the need
for God not only to take us out of the world, but to do a work within us, to take
the world out of us. Both deliverances are necessary. Leviticus is a book
of “Foundations”. God reveals the way to worship and interact with Him. He
takes excruciating pains to demonstrate our need for and the many Priestly
ministrations which Christ must accomplish for us if we are to be saved from
the wrath of God. It displays over and over in graphic detail that we need a
substitute to take our wrath, a propitiation for our sins, a perfect sacrifice to
reconcile us to God and a blood atonement if we are to be cleansed from sin’s
guilt and stain. The foundations of Christ’s salvific work are laid out for us in
symbols we cannot mistake. And Numbers, brings home God’s “Weeding”
process. Many profess faith, but do not live it out in obedience to Him. Such
must fall by the wayside. God is good even to the worst of them, but no matter
how close to the things of God, their faithless will at last be revealed. It schools
us not to be shocked at it. And now, we enter upon Deuteronomy; an Anglicized
Greek word meaning “Second Law”. It is a merciful gift in the form of God’s
accommodation to the noetic effects of sin within us. He knows how poorly we
retain His truths. How quickly they flow in one ear and out of the other. How
even the most glorious of supernatural manifestations and miracles on our
behalf can be forgotten in a single moment of confusion or difficulty. So He
rehearses in our ears the realities of His goodness to us in the face of our
repeated faithlessness – through the lips of Moses to Israel. They are about to
go into Canaan, and they NEED to recall Him accurately, or they will fail. Like us.


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