Eden and Gethsemane

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Readings Mar. 17/06 : Matt. 26:36-56; Romans 11:1-24; Psalm 64; Deut. 6-8

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Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture

Who of us could ever truly enter into Gethsemane’s mysteries? The Disciples
couldn’t. Even Peter, James and John found their natural weariness more than
they could bear, while the Savior was in agony over preparing to bear the sins
of the world. What love we see in this Garden. And what a contrast to Eden. In
Eden’s paradise, Adam had nothing harsher to face than refusing himself a
single fruit out of the multitudes of delights he might freely satisfy himself with.
Jesus in contrast doesn’t fail to deny Himself even the simplest comfort of rest,
but pours out His broken heart before the Father incessantly, while waiting to
drink the bitterest cup of all. Adam acts to satisfy only himself. Jesus acts only
to satisfy the Father. Adam eats and brings damnation upon a race. Jesus
drinks, and ushers in salvation for all who will believe. Adam brings his
offspring into unbreakable bondage. Christ breaks the bonds and brings His
people into everlasting freedom. Adam thinks only for His own promotion. Jesus
thinks to take on the apex of humility. Adam turns from the Light to plunge the
world into darkness. Jesus, in the darkness of this black night, shines as the
Light of the world. Adam willingly believes a lie that he might dethrone God.
Christ embraces the whole of the bitter truth, and ascends to the throne as
God. Adam spills everyone else’s blood. Jesus spills His own that ours might be
spared. Adam sacrificed nothing and lost everything. Jesus sacrificed all, and
gained everything. Adam thought “Ah! What I will have and be!” Jesus
thought, “Ah! What THEY will have and be!” Adam spit in the face of God. Jesus
was the face of God, and so the spittle ran down His beard. Adam fell from
impossible heights to the depths of sin and despair. Jesus stooped down from
the highest heights, descended into hell itself, and rose again for our
justification. Adam, was but a man who thought he could be God. Jesus was
God, humbling Himself to become a man. Eden’s paradise became our grave
site. Gethsemane’s agonies, became the door to resurrection.


3 thoughts on “Eden and Gethsemane

  1. How well you portrayed the beautiful contrast between the first Adam and the Second (Christ)! What a blessing!

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