The League of Unlikely Brothers


Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Readings Mar. 24/06 : Matt. 28:1-10; Romans 15:14-33; Psalm 70; Deut. 32

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Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture

Early, on the first day of the week, the women come to the tomb. Do they hope
to “see” anything? No. They come to mourn. To weep. To lament the loss of
Jesus Himself, and they thought His life and work might bring them. They had
no idea His life and work had brought them forgiveness of sins and eternal life.
Suddenly, the earth trembles, pitches and moves. The stone rolls away from
the mouth of the tomb, and the guards fall like dead men. An angel, so radiant
that lightening is the term used to describe his appearance – dressed in all
white sits upon the stone and announces to the women in the hearing of the
Guards: “Do not be afraid…go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen
from the dead.” And they go. With that strange mixture of fear and great joy
they run to tell what they’ve seen and been told. And as they go – Jesus comes.
He always meets us in the way as we do His bidding. The 1st century version
of “hi!” is what He says. And then He tells them not to be afraid, and to “go and
tell my brothers”. My brothers. You know, the deserters. The faithless ones. The
cowards. The ones who ran and forsook Him in His darkest hour. The ones who
misunderstood Him, fell asleep as He agonized in prayer, and bickered among
themselves over who was the greatest. The tax collector Matthew. The three-
time denier Peter. Thomas the doubter and James and John who wanted to call
down fire to consume those who wouldn’t receive them. The same “brethren”
who accused Him of not caring that they might drown in the boat. Who had no
sense at all of what to do when the multitude needed fed. The ones who walked
and ate and lived with Him for 3 years and still couldn’t imagine that He had
come to die. “Go and tell my brothers” He says. My dear ones. My heart’s
desire. The ones I gave my life for, and whom I rose to justify. My “sent ones”.
My beloved brothers. My children, my charge, my gift from the Father. And so
the Scripture is fulfilled (Heb. 2:11) and “He is not ashamed to call them
brethren.” Nor will He be ashamed to call His brothers the least of the least of
mankind – who put their trust, however faulty, in Him alone.


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