Divine Nobodies


Walk in Wisdom – Romans 16

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Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture

Romans 16

In the closing to Paul’s magnum opus (as many have called it) Paul takes the
time to send his greetings to quite a number of people. In fact, he mentions at
least 34 people in this chapter. Some are with him, some are just friends
and some are true co-laborers in some fashion. But what calls for notice is the
large number of names of unknown people. People never mentioned elsewhere
either in Scripture nor in Church history. Ordinary folks like you and me. Not
Apostles or Prophets. Not great teachers or preachers of extraordinary note.
Neither heroes nor those who did great exploits. Just common, everyday,
run-of-the-mill saints. Men and women who believed the Gospel, and lived
their lives for Christ’s sake. Husbands, fathers, sons, sisters, daughters, wives
and grandmothers. No occupations are mentioned. For the most part, no special
note of any gift or ability. People of whom the world barely took any notice at
all, except for the fact that they were Christians. And Christians were not
especially popular people. Just the same, Paul salutes them. They are familiar to
him and he wants to send his regards. He doesn’t care what their economic
status is, their reputation within the community or their standing even in the
Church. They are God’s people, and that is enough. The faceless men and
women who join the countless millions over the centuries who have come to trust
in Jesus Christ as their Savior. They are his family. His dearest ones. His beloved
in Christ. He owns them as his own. It could have been your name in that list, or
mine. And the great glory of that would not be that “my name got into the Bible!
Aren’t I special?” No, the great glory is that our names are written in the Lamb’s
book of life. And the day will come, when the numberless millions will gather on
that shore to sing and shout and rejoice and celebrate the Lamb who purchased
their salvation at Calvary. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus. If you love them
and saved them – then I cannot wait to meet them.


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