Do you measure up?

Walk in Wisdom Gleanings from Scripture
Mark 2:13-17; 1 Cor. 5; Ps. 77; Josh. 13-14
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Walk in Wisdom Gleanings from Scripture

Do you qualify to be a Christian? D. A. Carson tells a fascinating story regarding
his wife’s conversion. Having met in England through friends, Joy had heard Dr.
Carson speak and was suitably impressed, but failed to see her own need of
Christ. As they continued to dialogue, he gave her John R. W. Stott’s wonderful
little book: Basic Christianity. A very bright graduate student at Cambridge, she
read the book and even searched out the Scripture references. But when, some
months later, he followed up on what she thought of it, she responded that this Christianity business was OK for good people, but it wasn’t for her.” Carson tells
the story to illustrate how we need to Holy Spirit to open our eyes if we are to
understand anything spiritually and aright. And at the top of that list, is the need
to know the power and glory behind Mark 2:17 – “And when Jesus heard it, he
said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who
are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” Aren’t those magnificent
words? What hope would a single one of us have if Christ came to redeem good men, holy men, righteous men? None! None at all. The glory of the Gospel is that
what qualifies a man to hear it is that he is a sinner – and Jesus came to call
sinners. How tragically Christianity misses the boat when we require men to clean
up their act before they come. How contrary to the Gospel call. You who are a sinner – the Gospel is for you! Your warrant to come is that Jesus came for such
as you. Your sin is no impediment to your salvation, it is what He came to save
you from. The question is – will you judge yourself in need of it? Will you own the
sin and rebellion that separates you from Him, and keeps you bound and held
over for final judgment? Will you throw off your pride, throw off your trust in
anyone or anything else, and cry out for mercy? He came to call sinners. And if
you are a sinner – Today, through His Church, He calls you!


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