Surveying Canaan

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
survey.jpgMark 4:1-20; 1 Cor. 7:17-40; Ps. 80; Josh.

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*NOTE: If you would like to keep up with the daily readings, we are using the
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We are almost done with our reading through Joshua, and it might be useful to
recap some of the primary lessons from this rich and precious book.

1. Chap. 2 – Evangelism includes warnings of the wrath to come, and a call to
turn one’s back upon this present world system.
2. Chaps. 3 & 4 – It is good to set up reminders and memorials regarding God’s
goodness to us, and especially to commemorate our own conversion for
evangelizing our own children.
3. Chap. 5 – The manna ceased when they had their first Passover in Canaan.
We must not attach too much importance to God’s sometimes miraculous
measures. Manna was not meant to be a permanent norm, but a temporary
blessing in the aftermath of their rebellion.
4. Chap. 6,Jericho – Our victory over indwelling sin comes in the midst of
our obedience, not as a result of the mere action.
5. Chap. 7, Ai / Achan – a. Compromise in one area brings defeat in another.
b. Admission & confession are not one and the same thing. c. Folly of sin –
Where could he wear the garment? How would explain the wealth?
6. Chap. 9, Gibeonites – Even the most obvious things need to be brought to God
in prayer.
7. Chap. 10, Sun stands still – a. Even when we’ve failed, God fights for us.
b. The highest power of Heaven is ours when we are doing His bidding – FIGHT!
8. Chap. 13 – Sin must be actively pursued, and not left alone or there will be no
progress in the Christian life.
9. We must remember there will be no absolute victory in this life. We will always
be waging war against indwelling sin.
10. Chap. 24 – Periodic rededication of our allegiance and service to Christ is
both useful and necessary.


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