Walk in Wisdom Gleanings from Scripture
Mark 4:21-41; 1 Cor. 8; Ps. 81; Josh. 24.

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Yesterday we looked at a broad recap of this book of Joshua. Today, I’d like to
have us look just a bit closer at Chapter 24, and the need for periodic
rededication of ourselves to Christ and His service. For Israel, a little over 20
years had elapsed since they crossed the Jordan and took Jericho; over 60 years
had gone by since their deliverance from Egypt; nearly 500 since their fathers
originally went into Egypt and more still back to Abraham’s call. So we see first in
1-10, that at times we need to to remember the past. All of this began with God
delivering Abraham from worshiping the idols of Ur. Do you rehearse your
deliverance from serving self and the world and the devil very often? You
should. Secondly, in 11-13, Joshua reminds them that they are where they are,
because of God’s promises. Does that enter your mind regularly? It should. In
14-18, Joshua helps them recall their call – to serve the living God and Him only.
How often we all need that reminder. That we do not serve this world, mammon,
success, fame, fortune or position. We do not in the final analysis even serve our
families or our Churches first but Christ Jesus our Savior, and Him in every
setting. Special wisdom is demonstrated as in verse 19 they are brought face to
face again with their weakness. Another absolutely necessary reminder that we
simply ignore unless it is driven home to us by God’s providence. “You are not
able to serve the LORD, for he is a holy God,” Joshua boldly proclaims. And how
we need to hear this over and over lest we rely on the arm of flesh to do even
one thing God has called us to. It must all be done in His power and His alone.
And lastly, if we take this passage as a whole, we are brought to how desperately
we need to remember our commitment to Christ our Lord. Do not forget whose
you are beloved, how that came to be; the glory of it and the weight of it and
the promise of it all. Choose you again this day.


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