A surprising Jesus

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Readings: Mark 6:45-56; 1 Cor. 11:17-34;
Ps. 87; Judges 10-12.

This closing section of Mark 6 is remarkable in revealing to us a very surprising
Jesus. And that, in at least five ways. Note first that the Disciples needed to
learn (hence so do we) to expect Jesus when and where it seems as though He
cannot possibly help or deliver. Few of us will ever literally need to have Him
come walking to us on the water in the midst of a raging storm at sea. And yet,
has He not done that very thing a 1000 times over in the lives of His saints? We
ought never to imagine for a moment that any problem is out of reach, too
extreme, outside of His purview or beyond His knowledge or ability. Even if it
defies every single human convention imaginable, He will meet His own in their
hour of need. Note secondly that enigmatic statement “He meant to pass by
them.” Whatever else is going on there, this much is certain: When He originally
sent them to the other side of the Lake, He fully intended for that to come to
pass. The worst of storms or circumstances are never even a slight deterrent to
His plan and purpose. Temporary things may arise to militate against it – but He
is always setting His face to finish what He has commanded. The Church WILL
NOT fail. It CANNOT. Thirdly, see how His word to them “Take heart; it is I Do
not be afraid” brings comfort when His methods and means are impossible to
discern and comprehend externally. We may not be able to figure out the
circumstances, but His Word speaks to give us comfort and hope. Fourthly,
observe how verse 52 reveals that one of the chief causes of our distress of
heart and mind in trials is our having been too dismissive of the wonder behind
His previous blessings. Had they stopped to consider the nature of the creative
miracle displayed in His multiplying the loaves and the fishes, they might have
thought a storm to be of little account to the Creator. So we let those past
displays of His intervening grace pass out of our minds so quickly, and fail to
take them into account in our present distress. And note lastly how much more
accessible and willing to be “touched” He is, than the Church and Christians
often make Him out to be. What a God of GRACE! What a surprising Jesus.


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