Strength through weakness.

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Readings: Mark 7:24-37; 1 Cor. 12:14-31;
Ps. 89:1-18; Judges 16.

Samson had to learn 2 Cor. 12:10 the hard way. Had he made himself weak in
repentance, he would have remained strong in the Lord. How about you?

The account of Samson is as tragic as it is fascinating. Used of God is the most
extraordinary ways, and yet a slave to his own inner weaknesses. Now it is
very informative to see what led to his downfall, as well as to see God’s
marvelous grace. Numbers 6 is where the rules which govern one who takes a
Nazirite vow are found. There we read that if a Nazirite should come into
contact with a dead body – for any reason – he is to shave his head and go
through a purification rite. This was what Samson repeatedly failed to do. At
least four times, he defiles himself (14:19; 15:8; 15:15; and then sexually in
16:1) but never does he humble himself and own his defilement. At last then, in
a moment of inner weakness he tells Delilah his secret, and God shaves
Samson’s head when he won’t do it himself. With tragic consequences. May we
be quick to learn our own need to deal with sin quickly and forthrightly,
whatever the humbling results, so that we might walk with God in unbroken
fellowship. And so we do not make it necessary that He humble us in divine
discipline. Thus it is God’s mighty champion finds himself bound, blind, and
used for the amusement of both his and God’s enemies. And then, in 16:22, we
read one of the most gracious statements in the whole of Scripture. Yes, the
Philistines could find out Samson’s secret, afflict and bind him, but they had no
category for what might happen next: Grace. Grace. God’s forgiveness and His
willingness to restore. So it is we read: “But the hair of his head began to grow
again.” Oh what a gracious Lord we serve! No, it wasn’t because Samson did
some great work of penance. What we see is the natural, restorative process of
God in the lives of His children, even in the aftermath of repeated disobedience,
weakness, failure and shame. Samson’s hair began to grow. And so it we see
how He deals with His sons and daughters when our own sins have brought
about grave results. HE, is STILL, a God of grace. He fails not. He grants
forgiveness. He restores. We may suffer the fruit of our sin – but we must
ALWAYS remember to make more of HIS grace, than OUR iniquity.


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