Mother’s Day – 2006

mother.jpgEvery year, I write a Mother’s Day poem for my Mom. Sometimes they are humorous, other times they are more serious or sentimental.

This year, I went more serious.

I had the extraordinary privilege of being raised in a Christian home. Like Timothy, I can say that the faith which dwelt in my Grandmother and my Mother, I can say dwells in me as well.

Love you Mom!

How blessed
the Child
the Children
In God’s good grace
find favor, met
in the long
unbroken hours of love
In prayers
and life bestowed

And none can weigh
or price
the sacrifice,
Of joys and sorrows
delighted in
or needful caused
in willing gifts
Not withheld
for comfort’s sake

Though long a man
the Son
of sorrows
In words too small
My God I thank you!
Mother – thank you!
for wanting Christ
For me
for us all.

Long Heaven’s days
will tell
will show
The love of Christ
Lived for us
Taught to us
not thinly veiled
But bright
in this – His Mother Child.


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