The God who swears

oath.jpgWalk in Wisdom Gleanings from Scripture

Mark 14:32-42; Gal. 1; Ps. 110; 2 Sam. 8-10

Psalm 100 is a magnificent Psalm. It is absolutely Christ-centered, and gives us
a look into the heart and mind of David which ought to serve us well too. The
1st section begins: “The Lord says…” For David, even the way he looks at his
own rule starts here – with what God has said. All of life is wrapped up in this
phrase. It doesn’t matter if David is thinking of his own kingdom, or
contemplating the larger scheme (as he is here) – everything finds its origin
and meaning in what God says. He sees everything under this great umbrella.
Second, we read: “The Lord sends forth…” How is God’s will accomplished? God
accomplishes it, He “sends forth.” He doesn’t just wish it or hope it or sit
by waiting to see if it will happen – He sends forth His Son, His power and rule in
the person of Jesus Christ that His will might be done. Third, we see that “The
Lord has sworn…” (vs. 4). Ah, here is all the comfort of every believer – God
has not babbled, but sworn. Bound Himself by oaths and covenants. They were
not required of Him. He made them all voluntarily and of His own accord, but
they are the means whereby we preach the Gospel with hope and boldness to
all men – because The Lord has SWORN. It is why the Believer lives in perpetual
hope and joy, The Lord has sworn. It is how we know Christ will truly come
again – The Lord has sworn. Men may swear to things they cannot actually
do, but not so our God. If He has sworn that those who come to Him He will not
cast out, then we can be sure it is true. If He has sworn that all who labor and
are heavy laden will find rest if they come to Him – it must be so. If He has
sworn that He will never leave us nor forsake us, that He has gone away to
prepare a place for us that we might be with Him, and that He will one day
judge the living and the dead, then these are certainties. It makes our 4th
notice an absolute: “The Lord is at your right hand…” Here, David’s by type and
Christ’s in fulfillment, but then ours by extension: Psalms 145:18 “The LORD is
near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” He speaks, He sends
forth to accomplish, He swears, and He is near!


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