A Glorious Inheritance

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
inheritance.jpgToday’s Readings: Luke 1:26-38; Eph. 1:15-23; Ps. 119:9-16; 1 Kings 2-3

Paul’s prayer in Eph. 1 here is a request for 4 things, all of which are
comprehended in The Holy Spirit. He asks first that the “eyes of [our] hearts be
enlightened.” It is the express work of the Spirit to make us to know our God
and His Christ. Indeed, I tend to think at times it is His most glorious work;
else, none of us would see Him at all in His mercy and goodness and grace. If
we have any sense in even the slightest of the wonder and beauty and majesty
of our God, it is because His precious Spirit overcomes our darkness, hardness
and resistance to bless us against our fallen wills – in the revelation of Christ.
Now Paul prays for its increase. Not that we might merely know, but
supernaturally know. That God’s love, might be “poured” into out hearts by the
Holy Spirit – Rom. 5:5. 2, That we might “know what is the hope He has called
us to.” I truly believe if we but once got a taste of Heaven’s joys, we would find
all earthly joys not worth a moment’s desire. Oh to be Heaven bound in heart
and mind! Oh to yearn for His presence above all other things! Oh, to be ever
striving after the sight of our Risen Lord! 3, That we might know “what are the
riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints.” Some have thought this to mean
that we might know how much He prizes us as His inheritance – and while I will
not dispute the truth of it, I think here he means that we might come to grips
with glory of the inheritance He has placed within us by His indwelling Spirit. Do
you know Christian that His Spirit within is His down-payment of what is to
come? And if His Spirit is the down payment, what can the fullness be but more
of God Himself in all of His unveiled glory! We inherit – HIM! God in Christ. All of
Him. Made to know and enjoy and experience Him first hand for ever and ever
and ever – without end. Lastly, that we might know “what is the immeasurable
greatness of his power toward us who believe.” How powerless we feel against
our sins. But He has placed within us resurrection power! His own presence – to
cheer, guide, comfort, enlighten, enable and transform. Oh Believer – pray this
for others too – that we all might lavish in this blessing.


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