Learning to love – a lot!

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Readings: Luke 7:36-50; Col. 2:1-7; Ps. 126; 1 Chron. 5-6

Christians are too afraid of their sin. Not that we ought not to be afraid TO sin,
that is a healthy fear. No, what I mean here, is that we are too afraid to
acknowledge the remnants of indwelling sin yet within us. With the result that
several very negative things happen. First, sin driven underground, gains
strength against being overcome. Eph. 5 shows us that it is in exposing our sin
to the light that we gain the ability to take no part in the unfruitful works of
darkness. They must be brought to light first in our own hearts and minds
(really owning our sins for what they are) and then brought to His light in
confession and often brought to others as well who can hold us accountable and
pray and strive with us for mastery. But if we are so afraid of what others will
think or do with the reality of our sinfulness, we’ll drive it deeper and give it
cover. But more importantly, as we see in today’s account in Luke 7, our love
of God is directly tied to a clear apprehension of the depth of our sinfulness, so
that we can begin to digest the depth of Christ’s love in His forgiveness. No, we
do not have to manufacture any sins. We’ve plenty. We’ve just grown so
accustomed to not wanting to face them, that we hide them even from
ourselves. And in the process, we become like the Pharisee. We love God little,
because we imagine Jesus really didn’t have to bear all that much on our behalf
personally. Yes, to bear the sins of the world would require His brutal
crucifixion – but just for my sin alone? I’m not really “that” bad. Am I? Yes. You
and me both. Bad enough to warrant the Cross individually, and the eternal
separation from God in torments which would follow. So we go to look once
again at our sin. Not to use the gaze into the abyss as some sort of pietistic
shock method to scare us from other sin. But as a means of plumbing the
depths of the Savior’s love for us. Don’t be afraid Christian – you need only
bear your Cross as far as Calvary. There, He dies in your place, and you go
home rejoicing; wrapped in mercy, love and grace. If we’ve been forgiven little,
we’ll love little. We’ve been forgiven MUCH!


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