The Church’s Branch Office

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Readings: Luke 13:10-21; 1 Tim.1:12-20; Prov. 2; Ezra 2

The two parables Jesus uses in Luke 13 are also recorded in Matt. 13. The
parable of the mustard seed is found in Mark 4 as well. But a careful reading
shows that His purpose for the parables in Matt. & Mark is different than here in
Luke. There, the point is that the mustard seed is small, and then grows. But
here, it isn’t the smallness of the seed that is emphasized – in fact it isn’t even
mentioned. Here, the thrust is that of the fact that in its growth, the birds can
come and build their nests in it. Joined with the parable of the leaven, He is
emphasizing to His hearers, in the aftermath of healing the woman with the
disabling spirit – that the Kingdom of God is meant to be a blessing to all. The
mustard tree isn’t grown FOR the birds, but the birds benefit from it. The leaven
doesn’t do its work in one place, it permeates the whole lump. And so the
goodness of God in desiring to make His Kingdom grow and in that to bestow
blessings above and beyond the immediate opens up to us. We could bring the
parable of the Good Samaritan back in here as well. He will have none of a
Church that thinks only of blessing its own – and that only on its own terms. He
sees a Church that grows and blossoms out and blesses those beyond its most
immediate scope. Should people hear the Gospel from us only on the Sabbath?
Or does the message grow and bring forth fruit and bless at other times and in
other places too? Does the leaven of our good news remain only with us? Or
does not our love and mercy overflow into the world around us? Are we to keep
our light hidden under a basket? Or are we to set it on a lampstand so that it
lights ALL who come into proximity to it? God is BIG. Generous. Abundant in
mercy and grace and forgiveness. He is not stingy with His love. He is not
malicious against the lost – even though they spurn His holy love. It is true He
will judge all – but also true He calls all to repentance. Let us never grow so cold
as to tell the world to come back later to be healed. May our very branches be
an invitation to the birds to come and nest here. That the world might know the
goodness of our God.

One thought on “The Church’s Branch Office

  1. When Dr.Neri was working here he signed me up with your web,so i would be able to get tapes. but i have not heard from you.could you please contact me to find out if you recied my order?

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