When God refuses to answer our questions

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Readings: Luke 13:22-35; 1 Tim.2; Prov. 3; Ezra 4-5

It’s true, that just like those in Luke 13:22-35 we also may be given to focusing
on questions that are of no real profit. How good our Savior is not to indulge
our foolish speculations, but rather to bring us back to the REAL issues. It
seems only natural (like for those in vs 23) to inquire whether the ultimate
number of the Redeemed will be great or small. Deep down we’ve all
wondered. Yet what possible useful conclusions could we draw from such
information even if we knew? None. So it is in His infinite wisdom and mercy,
Jesus redirects them (and us) to ask themselves something instead. And in
doing so, to go on and inform of them of something truly important. Thus, in
vss. 24-30 He in effect says: “Great or small in number, those saved will be
those who strove to enter in while there was still time.” In other words, the
question WE need to answer is – are we about this business? Are we earnestly
seeking God through Jesus Christ? And then, still combating the sinful tendency
toward speculation in spiritual matters that drives so many of our hearts and
minds – He unambiguously announces His disposition, His attitude toward those
who would seek Him now. What is it? It is found in vss. 34 & 35: He desires to
gather us in, far more than we desire to enter in. And so, THE question to us all
today is: are we seeking Him? More, are YOU?


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