A Peek at God’s Day-Timer

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
From: Ps. 31:15a My times are in your hand.

If you could see God’s appointment book, His Day-Timer if you will, it would be
marked “In meetings all day”. My problem? I complain that I do not have
enough intimacy with God. That I want more time with Him. But in truth, I am
unwilling to make most of His meetings. He schedules them all day long with
me. And with you too. But we don’t want to meet Him when and where He has
set them up, we want Him to meet us on our terms. When we have time, in the
places we choose, and under the conditions we dictate. The result? We miss
Him. He orders our times to meet us at Cafe Pressure. We just run by and don’t
acknowledge Him there. He schedules another meeting at Graveside. We ignore
Him in our tears. He sets another appointment – at Rejoicing. We don’t even
bother to show up. He invites us to Thanksgiving Dinner – on a regular basis.
But we miss that appointment too. Too busy running to and fro to actually sit
and dine with Him. In fact, every place, every time we feel weak, frustrated,
irritated, angry, lustful, greedy, happy, thankful, useful, pressured, rushed,
inadequate, disappointed, depressed, sad, joyful, content or shortchanged –
each and every one of these is an appointment He has scheduled with us. A
place and a time to meet with Him. To hear His wisdom, enjoy His comfort and
company, offload our anxieties, refresh our souls, draw from His endless
resources or grow in our confidence in His nearness, love, mercy, grace and
goodness. But typically, we blow Him off. He’s there. He’s sovereignly made the
appointment. Moved Heaven and earth to get us there. And once there – we
don’t even make reference to Him. These aren’t accidents. They are never
mere random incidents. They are appointed places of meeting. Each one
carefully chosen to let us draw closer and closer. To grow intimately nearer in
every case. And mostly, we just endure them with a sigh, and try to get Him to
meet us when and where we prefer it. Never actually then living life in, through
and with Him. Just getting back to Him when life doesn’t preclude it. We’ve got it
all wrong. he isn’t hiding – we’re ignoring Him. No wonder He seems so far


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