Changing Banks

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Today’s Reading: Luke 20:20-26 / Philemon 12-25 / Prov. 17:15-28 / Esther 9-10

What do you want from other people? Respect? Love? Children who obey? An
attentive spouse? A grateful boss or employee? Brilliant doctor? Unbeatable
Lawyer? Omniscient Money Manager? Credit for a job well done? Noticed in
a crowd? To be left alone? To be celebrated? What do you long for from others?
I know what the Apostle Paul looked for. He mentions it in Philemon 20: “Yes,
brother, I want some benefit from you in the Lord.” And just exactly WHAT
benefit is he looking for? “Refresh my heart in Christ.” And what does THAT look
like? Here is some insight to how oriented at SELF most of us are, as opposed to
Paul in demonstrating the heart of Christ. For Paul, the “refreshment” he desired
was to have Philemon receive Onesimus in full forgiveness and restoration as a
brother in Christ. That’s the kind of blessing he was after. The blessing of seeing
another brother give away his rights and forego his justified anger and sense of
being wronged, for the purpose of letting the glory of Jesus Christ shine through
his life. Now let me ask you to be really honest with yourself. Would YOU
consider that a gift? Would you plead with one brother on behalf of another,
where there has been real hurt and nothing in the process for you to gain –
OTHER than the benefit of seeing Christ so displayed? Is that your form of
currency? Is that so valuable to you that you’d prevail upon a friendship and
even risk the offense? Most of us wouldn’t. I dare say I wouldn’t. Which is a big
indicator as to how much work of the Spirit is still needed in my own heart. How
about yours? When push comes to shove, what is it you value most from others?
What is it you REALLY want from them? The answer is what you value. What
your “treasure” is. And Jesus told us that where our treasure is, there is where
our heart will be as well. (Luke 12:34) Maybe we need to change banks.


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