1 Cor. 16:13 “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.”
manly.jpg In our gender confused age, clear
thinking on the issue of femininity and masculinity is gravely wanting. To be
sure, many are attempting to address the issue somewhat – some nobly. But
often the discussions are long, tedious and of little practical use and application.
I think back to a series of my own on the topic just last year, and lament my
own ability to narrow down some key concepts into one, or even several short,
weighty apothegms one might easily carry away, muse upon, digest well and
bring out when necessary.

Two evenings ago, I stumbled upon this quote from Elizabeth Elliot’s biography
of Amy Carmichael – “A Chance to Die.” It is from Dean Church – a 19th
century Anglican with an uncanny capacity for keen thinking and sound
judgment. I quote:

“Manliness is not mere courage, it is the quality of soul which frankly accepts all
conditions in human life, and makes it a point of honor not to be dismayed or
wearied by them.”

Lord, give us scores of Christian men and women with such a “manly” spirit.

May it be mine.

’nuff said.


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