Worldliness – Part 1

From: Psalm 106 – Worldliness Part 1

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
What is worldliness? If you grew up in the Church like I did, worldliness is one of
those ambiguous terms that can be defined by anything from reading the
newspaper on Sunday, to smoking cigarettes as opposed to cigars, to owning a
TV, to driving a too expensive car. Most or all of these attempts at pinning down
the elusive nature of worldliness are more couched in our personal tastes,
convictions, backgrounds and preferences than actual Biblical data. Nonetheless,
the “worldly” label can be slapped on almost anyone or anything we don’t like.
However, the Bible is not quite as subjective and indefinite on this issue as we
often are. Its view of what it means to be worldly is really quite accessible. And
it has to do far more with motives and inner attitudes than outward actions. But
I’m getting ahead of myself. For the next few days I’d like to look at worldliness
as it is opened up for us in the 106th Psalm. Here, we get 18 signs to indicate
when we – the Church – Christians have begun to grow worldly. We’ll unpack
them one by one. Now in introducing this Psalm, let me note that it has three
basic divisions. 1-5 gives us an introduction – Praise to God for His goodness and
steadfast love, and a prayer that God would look on and restore His people that
seem to have gone astray. 6-43 contains the 18 indicators we’re going to be
looking at in detail, and 44-48 contains the good news that God has been
merciful to His people under these conditions before, and contains a prayer that
He might be once again. In this then I would call your attention first to the fact
that it is no new thing for God’s people to be drawn away after the World’s
ways; to imbibe its thinking, opinions, viewpoints, desires, goals, techniques to
achieve those goals, and to lose the reality that we are strangers in a strange
land. In fact, before we look at a single one of the things contained in the Psalm
itself, we have to ask ourselves if we are REALLY people of faith? Like those in
Hebrews 11. For the very opposite of worldliness is heavenlimindedness. Seeing
the promises of God from afar off, and being informed by them, acknowledging
that we are but strangers and exiles on the earth. Anything less, is Worldliness.


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