“Don’t Smoke, Drink or Chew, or Go With Girls Who Do.”

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
From: Psalm 106 – Worldliness Part 3

When Adam and Eve forgot they were were made BY God FOR God; to reveal
His glory and spread the fame of His name – they became worldly. It is the
same today. When Christians lose sight of our purpose as God re-created us in
Christ Jesus, we become worldly too. We live as though God exists for us. I
grew up in the era when worldliness was defined by “You don’t drink, smoke or
chew, or go with girls who do.” Movies, playing cards, dancing – these were the
virtual benchmarks of being worldly. Don’t get me wrong. These, and a 1000
more may well serve as symptoms of worldliness in someone – but they are
NOT worldliness itslef. That is something deeper. It has to do with the attitude of
the heart and the mind. And its first sign is the one we saw in Palm 107:7 – A
lack of understanding the purpose of our salvation. The second grows out of
the first and is best seen in verses 9-12: “He rebuked the Red Sea, and it
became dry, and he led them through the deep as through a desert. So he
saved them from the hand of the foe and redeemed them from the power of the
enemy. And the waters covered their adversaries; not one of them was left.
Then they believed his words; they sang his praise.” It is the subtlety of 12 that
opens the problem. When did Israel sing God’s praise? When did they believe
His words? Only when they witnessed God’s miracles. In other words, we have
taken on a worldly mindset when our praise of God is based upon His works,
and not His person. When our worship is centered only around what God has
done instead of the glory of who and what He is. Is our worship and our
tendency to worship dependent solely upon how we perceive God has acted on
our behalf all the time? Or do we meditate upon His divine perfections,
astounding attributes, transcendent nature, and thus worship flows out of
the revelation of His person? When worship in our churches as well as privately
ceases to draw our hearts and minds to be awed at the majesty, power and
wonder of the eternal, triune God, and dwells more on how good I think He has
been to me, without regard for how good He is in essence – I’m doing what any
worldly creature can do. Thanks is a right component of worship, but does not
rise to the level of what ought to be stunned amazement that assigns “worth” to
God AS God. THAT, is worship. Anything less, fails. If you only love your
parents or spouse for what they do for you, and not for who they are, your love
is lacking indeed. So it is with our love for and worship of the Living God.


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