Worldliness Part – 4

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
From: Psalm 106 – Worldliness Part 4

In the 1600’s, John Owen wrote a book with the title: “The Grace and Duty of
Being Spiritually Minded.” He had in view, that Christians ought to think
fundamentally differently than those who do not know Christ. That what informs
how we see, understand and interact with the world around us is revealed in
God’s Word more than what we can merely take in and digest with our senses.
He was striking at the very same topic we’re addressing right now. Christians
thinking and seeing the world through “Christian” eyes. Pondering it with Christ –
changed hearts and minds. Living as resident aliens in this present world and
age. Psalm 106 is helping us understand what it looks like when we fail to live
like that. When the Church begins to think, and then act, no different than the
world in which it exists. And this is a very grave error. So it is we’ve seen so far
that when Christians begin to be “worldly”, it manifests itself in certain ways. 1 –
a worldly mindset fails to see God’s purpose in saving the lost, but only looks to
self. 2 – Worldly thinking leads us to worship God only, or predominately in the
context of His performance on our behalf – not for who and what He is. The third
indicator that we are slipping into worldliness is found in verse 13a:“But they
soon forgot his works.” We are moving down the hi-way of worldliness, when we
are forgetful of God’s mercy and grace to us in times past. When we face
each new challenge or trial as though God has never stepped in before; never
came to our aid; never met us in those dark hours. The attitude is one of: “so,
that was yesterday – what are you going to do for me today?” As though God’s
track record in saving and blessing us means nothing. It is the exact opposite of
faith. It does not build on the remembrance of love proved from eternity past,
and promised into eternity to come – graphically hoisted high before us in the
Cross of Calvary. It is a loveless response that fails to draw from the store of
God’s indescribable goodness to us, by calling into question where He is NOW, in
the midst of our newest crisis. It fails to rest in His steadfast love, and unfailing
faithfulness. It accuses God, of having a love as vacillating as fallen man’s. It
views Him, through worldly eyes.


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