Worldliness – Part 5 / Waiting For God’s Counsel

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
From: Psalm 106 – Worldliness Part 5

I don’t know what comes into your mind when you hear (or use) the word
“worldly”, but for me, it tends toward a list of written or unwritten do’s & dont’s.
Most of them having to do with lifestyle choices rooted in the church culture we
grew up in or are most familiar with. But the Bible takes a much different
approach. Those things which denote worldliness in the Scripture are by far a
matter of inward thoughts and attitudes than the mere acts. The acts may
indicate worldliness, but it is in the heart where worldliness has its beginning.
And so we come to the 4th indicator that we are moving down a worldly path in
Psalm 106, in the second half of verse 13: “they did not wait for his counsel.”
So it is there is very little which is more telling, about how we’ve bought into a
mentality that is born out of the womb of this world, than an un-willingness to
wait for God, and to seek direction in His Word, rather than serve the twin gods
of our impatience and reliance upon our own wisdom. No time has this been
more evident than in our generation. A generation and culture which not only
prefers at all times – but often demands as a basic human right – quick action.
True, it is seen here in Israel’s history as well – but what is demonstrated
there, is virtually celebrated in our day. We are results oriented people. The
very thought of taking time to search God’s Word and meditate to arrive at
answers – even over the complex issues of our day like bio-ethics – is abhorrent
to us. We should be able to snap our fingers and know it all right off the top of
our heads. And should some question we have, some pressing circumstance find
us without a quick, neat, magic answer for our present distress, we’ll act without
clear knowledge of God’s will anyway. If He’s not jumping to our time-table,
then we’ll just go ahead without Him. We do it personally, and we do it in the
Church. God might not have a quick and easy answer for your marriage
this instant. He may not reveal in 3 easy steps how to cope with a child caught in
homosexual sin, so that you feel no anxiety in an hour. He may not fix your
financial woes without years of hard work, sacrifice and applied wisdom. Wait for
Him. Wait ON Him. Those who do, will never be ashamed.


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