Worldliness Part -14 / Idol Talk

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
From: Psalm 106 – Worldliness Part 14

If I were to ask you what you believe the biggest problem the Church faces
today is: I wonder what your answer would be. Gay Marriage ? Terrorism? The
Emergent Church? Postmodernism? Islam? Homosexuality? Evolution vs
Creationism? Pornography? Divorce? Un-wed mothers? Abortion? Worship
Styles? Gender inclusive Bible Translations? I know, you’ve been reading this
series and you’re pretty sure the answer I would give is worldliness. And in one
sense, you’re right. But to be more specific, in terms of what I mean – what the
Scripture means – by worldliness, I would have to reduce to this word – Idolatry.
Not what you expected? I’m not surprised. Because in our day and age, idolatry
is seldom on the tip of our collective tongues. Though in fact, it is everywhere
around us. It saturates and permeates not only American culture, but all
cultures. It is the root from which springs all the other things we’ve looked at so
far. But now in Ps. 106, it surfaces like a mirror that reveals the hideous
distortion which now characterizes the marred visage of the one we were
created to reveal. “Then they yoked themselves to the Baal of Peor” vs. 28
reads. Now to be certain, for Israel in this place, they entered directly into overt
pagan worship and practices. They did so as a direct result of their giving into
sexual lust having delighted in the women of Moab near whom they were
encamped. But idolatry takes on more subtle forms too. It can still find its
entrance through sexual lust – but that is not the only portal through which
idolatry comes. Let me ask you, what do you turn to most to find relief when
you’re stressed, depressed, anxious, sad, worried, fearful, lonely, angry,
frustrated or discontent? What appetite MUST you feed? Whoever, or whatever
is it, you cannot do without, in order to be happy, content, at peace inwardly or
hopeful and free? What unmet desire captivates you and colors all of life, so that
while it remains still unsatisfied, leaves you miserable and unfulfilled, so that
you will never be truly happy? Whatever that is dear one – that – is your god.
And it is to this form of idolatry the entire world is bound. How about you?

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