Worldliness Part – 16 / Idols, they’re not just for pagans anymore.

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
From: Psalm 106 – Worldliness Part 16

Idolatry is worldly, and worldliness is always in its final distillation – idolatry. We
practice it a number of different ways, but it all remains the same. In technical
terms, idolatry is: a. Calling anything God that isn’t God or interacting with it as
though it were God. b. Attributing what exclusively belongs to God to anyone or
anything else and/or c. Worship & service of the true God by unacceptable
means. Ways God detests or aren’t fitting. And so far we’ve examined Pure
idolatry (actually serving some other object or person as God) and Mixed
idolatry (just adding Jesus to what I already actually serve. But there is a third,
exceedingly pernicious, subtle and dangerous form of idolatry which truly had
invaded the Church in our day as much if not more than in other eras. We could
call it – Disguised idolatry. For it masquerades as love, service and devotion to
the one true God of the Bible, but when you peel back the veneer – it is a
deadly, wicked substitute. What does this look like? In the fine, it is found in
serving God as though He is a false god. For instance, when we serve God
slavishly, as though He were a wicked, hard or harsh taskmaster (see: Micah
6:1-8). Do you ever find yourself thinking this way? Acting as though His
commands and way of life are a burden, an imposition or unreasonable? Then
you aren’t serving the true God, but one of your own wicked imagination. We
can do it too when we serve God superstitiously. Like trading off obedience for
“favors”. Buying His blessings with offerings. Trying to make deals with Him. But
this sort of thing shows up most visibly in prayer. When We have to use “Thee &
thou” when we speak to Him, or posture a certain way in prayer. When we
scrupulously measure amounts of time in prayer as though there is a magic
number of minutes, or, have a special prayer voice. When we pray as though He
is manipulated by prayers because they’re laced with bibl-ese or some special
expressions. It shows itself too in self-centered worship (Matt. 15:9). Worship is
meant to be enjoyable. The problem occurs when enjoyment dictates worship,
rather than having Biblically directed worship dictating our enjoyment. When
worship revolves around me & I do not order my life around the worship of God.
Who primarily gets served in worship, is my god.


One thought on “Worldliness Part – 16 / Idols, they’re not just for pagans anymore.

  1. The degree of subtlety that surrounds the concepts of the last two entries is so that it requires a considerable amount of introspective awareness when approaching the throne in prayer. It is a well thought out piece. The series, as a whole, has left me thinking that there are so many ways to go awry. It is a bit unsettling. If God does not sit high atop my priority list, I am bound to stumble BACK down any one, or in all liklihood, many of these worldly paths.

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