Worldliness – Part 22 / From Worldliness to OTHER-worldliness

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture / From: Psalm 106 – Worldliness Part 22
Linda & Gabe Jacobs

The end of Psalm 106 is a prayer. After all the examination of Israel’s failings in
its numerous displays of worldliness, we are left with a hopeful petition, and a
song of praise for God’s incredible faithfulness through all the ups and downs.
“Save us, O LORD our God” the Psalmist exclaims in vs 47. And what does that
look like? “and gather us from among the nations, that we may give thanks to
your holy name and glory in your praise.” Yes! Bring us back, rescue us out of
the cesspool of worldliness, from among the nations, that we might give thanks.
That is an un-worldly response. In contemplation of God’s mercy and goodness
when we call upon Him in such things, he then cries: “Blessed be the LORD, the
God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting! And let all the people say,
“Amen!” Praise the LORD!” Blessed be the LORD indeed! Hallelujah! And as we
pause to imagine what such a recovery might look like in our individual lives, I’d
like to introduce you to a friend of mine; Linda Jacobs. I’d like to help you see
what un-worldliness looks like in its final play. For Linda you see, passed into the
arms of Her Savior last Friday. Devoted wife. Mother of 10, with 6 year old
triplets. At the age of 50, after her second bout with cancer, she smiled at her
husband, seemed to get a glimpse of glory, and went home. What prompts me
to mention her in this particular context, is a phone call she made a few short
hours before her death. From her hospital room. Trying to tie up loose ends and
preparing for her own funeral, she knew she would be transported from Arizona
where she was living, to Pennsylvania, to be buried in a family plot. Near there,
is a small Society of Friends church. A Quaker church to you and me. Years ago,
Linda used to attend a ladies group there from time to time, and she developed
a great burden for these gals. They had no concept of the need for Christ’s
blood to cleanse one from sin and to be justified by faith before God because of
Christ Jesus. So in her closing hours, she pressed some of her personal friends,
to do what they could to arrange her funeral service to be done in that small
church. And, to arrange for someone to preach the funeral, who will use the
opportunity to bring the saving Gospel Jesus Christ solidly to these dear lost
women – and anyone else who attends. In this, I am reminded that we do not
want so much to be un-worldly perhaps, as other-worldly. Humble, simple, frail,
faulty sinner that she was – Linda had become that. Her final hours showed it. I
want that too.


3 thoughts on “Worldliness – Part 22 / From Worldliness to OTHER-worldliness

  1. Thank You for this Post, Reid..We have Lost a Dear friend–and Linda’s family has lost their “Anchor”….But,Truly–Linda fought a Great Fight–and Died as We ALL would Wish to be able-with the Light of Glory on her face and the smile of a Saint “Seeing her Saviour First of All”!!!..And, if it Please the Lord–some souls may come to the Lord through Linda’s Life and death!!!!

  2. Being a Quaker (or not) is not the determining factor in one’s salvation. And I certainly did not intended to imply it. The scripture is clear that we are all born into this world – “lost” (See: Ephesians 2:1-13). Sinners, condemned and unclean. Separated from God because of our sin. And the only remedy for that condition is to embrace the atoning work of Jesus Christ upon the cross at Calvary – as Christ dying for MY sins, and trusting in His finished work there as the basis for my right standing with God. Should you believe the Gospel, and should you trust Christ alone as your substitute, taking the wrath you deserved that day, and imputing His righteousness to you by faith – then you may very well be a Quaker and not lost. But if you reject His substitutionary atonement on the cross – faith it in being the means whereby you are reconciled to God – then Quaker or no my friend – you are indeed lost, and in need of the Savior.

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