How Much Are You Worth?

Walk in Wisdom Ė Gleanings from Scripture
From: Luke 14.33 / So therefore, any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple.

How much are you worth? Not in the esoteric sense Ė but to YOU? Whatís your
price? What will you sell out for? How much are you worth? Thatís what Jesus is
asking us to consider in Luke 14.25-33. The upshot of which is Ė we sell
ourselves for so little. When it comes to showdowns, very few of us in this
culture today are ever asked to actually give up a family member to follow
Christ. Sure, it has and does happen. But its not the norm. Most who come to
Christ in the context of an unsaved family might experience some
uncomfortability Ė but total loss? Not many. I have a few Jewish friends that
have come pretty close. I lost a job once. A crummy one though. Maybe Iíve not
held the same friends Ė or at least as close. But that too really wasnít all that
bad. But real loss? Having a spouse leave because you follow Christ, or being
disinherited by a parent, or truly cut off by your kids or a sibling? Again, Iíll bet
not too many of us. But letís move it further down the line. Letís take it to where
Jesus wants us to. For thinking in these categories for us doesnít connect as
much as it would have in His day and culture. Being tossed out of the
Synagogue and treated as a leper was a very real consequence to His hearers.
But I fear it isnít the loss of the big things like family and social status we sell
out for most. If youíre anything like me, you sell out way before that. We tend
more to sell out for stuff Ė petty sins. Weíll follow Him all the way until we have
to forgive someone of something theyíve done against us, or until we feel the
pinch of an unmet desire. Iíll walk with Him right up to the door of my favorite
temptation. Iíll be right there beside Him until I have to sacrifice a bad attitude,
respond kindly to slight, bless when reviled, endure when persecuted or entreat
when slandered (1 Cor. 4). If it means Iíll have to miss the Super Bowl for
Church, make time for daily spiritual disciplines, put up with people who irritate
me or I donít have enough in common with Ė then Iím for sale. Iíll moan and
groan against God and His evil providences, justify my perturbations, excuse my
unwillingness and save the Cross for jewelry. How much are we worth? Whatever
we cannot bear to lose Ė that, is our purchase price.


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