Talent Search

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture
Matt. 24.14 “For it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants
and entrusted to them his property.”

The parable of the “talents”, as this portion is often called – is both sweet and
challenging. I find great encouragement first in the fact that God DOES give us
graces in this life. He does not leave us until His return and just say “make do”.
No indeed, He pours into our life, places into our hands – gifts, something of His
own heavenly treasury to use and to “improve” upon as the old Puritans used to
say. In other words, He wants us to be active for the Kingdom in this life, and
that is only to employ what he HAS given us, not what He hasn’t. I find a second
encouragement here in that verse 15 says “to the one he gave five talents, to
another two, to another one, to each according to his ability.” In other words,
God does not require you to fulfill anyone else’s ministry – only yours. Only
according to what YOU can manage, given who you are. He doesn’t call the lame
to be runners, slow of speech to be teachers, the tone deaf to be singers. What
He pours into us and asks back from us is according to our ability. But there
then is also the challenge and the warning. He does indeed give something to all
– and still some do not use His gifts for the growth of the Kingdom or the good
of others at all. And this, the parable shows, He will not excuse. It was the
recipient of but one talent who proved to be the one who neglected what God
had given him altogether. And when confronted, the servant does not make
any appeal that the work itself was too hard, or that he had no opportunity, or
that he didn’t know what to do – but that he judged the Master hard. And that
he judged the Master as one who could do well enough alone without his
contribution. Now note well the Master’s response. He does not fault the man
ultimately for not gaining a lot with what he had been given, he faults him for
gaining nothing at all. In fact, He shows that He would have been happy just to
have received interest on that talent. Translation? If other have not been saved
through the Gospel we’ve been given, have WE at least been changed by it
ourselves? You see in the final analysis – God isn’t as interested in productivity
as He is authenticity. Are we real? Are we really his? Has grace changed even


One thought on “Talent Search

  1. “And that he judged the Master as one who could do well enough alone without his contribution.”

    This is a statement that is hard to wrap my mind around. It has that Public TV/Radio…free rider guilt to it.

    It calls for us to examine and re-examine motive at its deepest level; because so much of what drives us is FOR us.

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