Overpopulation? Do the math.

Global Population in January of 2008 estimated to be approximately – 6,650,000,000 (6,641,114,623 to be closer).




The State of Texas has a land mass of 268,601 square miles.

Minus 6,687 square miles of water area, we are left with a total land area of 261,914 square miles.


There are 640 acres in a square mile.

An acre = 43,560 square feet.


640 (acres) x 261,914 (sq. miles) = 167,624,960 (acres) = 7,301,743,257,600 sq. ft.


7,301,743,257,600 sq. ft. divided by 6,650,000,000 people = 1098 square feet per person on the planet – in Texas ALONE.


My wife and I live in home slightly under 1000 square feet. We also raised a daughter there.


 A 3 People per 1000 sq. feet – There’s room.

And then some.



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