Todd Bentley – Why are we so gullible?

From my very first exposure to Todd Bentley and his antics, I was heartbroken. Heartbroken that good and otherwise godly people could be swallowing what Bentley was selling. And selling is the right word – especially in view of his fund raising tactics which are well documented any number of places.

The Canadian born Bentley – revivalist/faith healer/leader of the poorly named Lakeland Revival in Florida – is a tragic figure in and of himself. But what he leaves in his wake is lamentable by all.

The problem is, for anyone who really wanted to know the scoop on Bentley – it was everywhere. The internet was replete with those who had looked at what was going on and had exposed so very much. I spent hours analyzing material from every corner. And one did not need to review skewed and negative material – they only needed to watch him, and listen to what he said. My main exposure was to video and audio clips of Bentley himself. That is sufficient.

To its credit – Charisma Magazine has begun to ask the right and necessary questions. Questions that thinking and Biblical people should have been asking all along. Many, thankfully, were asking. But far far too many were not asking at all.

Charisma’s latest article is worth reading in this regard. You can access it HERE

I began by asking the question why are we (Christians) so gullible? And my only answer is – we WANT to be. And all I mean by that is that we know God so little, that we are constantly running after all sorts of other things to fill the remaining void. A void left by our poverty of searching out the God of the Bible both in the Bible, and in a life lived in deliberate, conscious, constant dependence upon the reality of the indwelling Spirit of Christ. We need to fill our hearts and minds at the Fountain of Life Himself – else other things will always be rushing into the vacuum. The only answer is increased, first hand knowledge of God Himself, in the person and work of His Son. Knowing Him.

The Word, Worship, Prayer and Fellowship. This is where we know Him and experience Him. This is where we get filled up.


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