“I’m a travelin’ man”

I’m going to be on the road until Sept. 4th or so – so there will most likely be no Margin Notes until I return.

First, I’m attending a 2 day Leadership Summit as the point man for our local Reformation Society (under the auspices of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals) in Indianapolis.

Then, it’s down to Fort Worth, TX, to pick up my bride and drive back.

We’ll be driving “Shamoo” back (my new – 1997 Lincoln Town Car) – whoo hoo!

Yes, it has its own zip code and seats 37.


2 thoughts on ““I’m a travelin’ man”

  1. Reid… I enjoyed your presentation here in Indy, as RS leaders gathered from around the country. Sorry we didn’t get the chance to meet and talk a bit… but isn’t the web great for that sort of thing?

    Of all the guys that talked about the nuances of their city-groups, yours seemed to have the balance I was listening for…. ie, yes, adding value for the existing team… but more than that, outreaching to yet others. Here in Indy, I cannot conceive of just-reformers getting the Great Commission done. So I see the purpose of a pastors/leaders Bible-study being to interact among ALL the pastors/leaders who are anxious to get the job done. And that’s a wider circle than merely one segment of Bible-believing folks.

    Hey you ever jump onto Facebook, look me up. It’s a great technology to help connect & communicate, city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood.



    P.S…. Hey we could start a Syracuse page there too, if we knew some good links for folks leading efforts toward the Great Commission (the WHOLE Great Commission, btw). Drop me a line at Coach @ Goal-Partners (dot) com

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