Recommended BLOG of the week: Zao Thanatoo

large-seal2ZAO THANATOO – is the blog of Ben Askins.

Ben is…well, Ben. He bills his blog as –

That aside, he is a clear, insightful thinker, has a passion for Christ and His kingdom, and reads and absorbs at a frightening rate. Kinda freakish actually. But all with sound analysis and useful output. You will not find fluff here – although his seriously perverse sense of humor will poke through. Very cool.

I have to thank Ben (and his lovely wife Jana – expecting their first child as I write) for being faithful in his (their) ministry here at ECF as well as in Colorado and around. I never fail to be educated and edified from time spent with him – in person or in print. I am sure you’ll benefit too.

Another thing I need to thank Ben for is introducing me to the work of Dominic Bnonn Tennant.  Ben just ran a 4 part series on Tennat’s work on the atonement – and it is spectacular. YOU CAN READ PART 1 HERE.

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