My Mother’s Day Poem for 2010

Every year I do one for my Mom – sometimes humorous, sometimes, serious, sometimes just plain weird.

I’ll let you decide which one this year’s is.

Enjoy! (BTW, this can be sung to the tune of: My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean – verses only)

Of all of the Moms in the Bible

We all know there’s plenty, not few

I’m confident that you could find one

(SOMEwhat like your own Mom)

A lot like the one that raised you.

One first thinks of Eve in the Garden

The first Mom – that God created

But giv’n her problem with apples

(Fruitsalad was NOT her best dish)

Should really have been sedated

And then there’s that awesome Mom, Sarah

THE first Jewish Princess for sure

Though still quite a Babe in her 80’s

(She WAS a tad rough on domestics however)

She led Abe on quite a detour

And then, there was Lot’s “salty” dear heart

Saline-a’s her unwritten name

Her mineral make-up went drastic

(A bit of a “hard” look you know)

While her townhouse went all up in flames

And who can forget feisty Tamar?

She killed off two husbands in youth

Then gave birth to Zerah and Perez

(NOT Perez Hilton you know)

But her methods were way too uncouth!

Whatever your Mom’s been, or is like

And no two are just quite the same

God wisely assigned you each other

(For better or for worse)

So both of you share all the blame

My own Mom is most like sweet Hannah

Who’s prayer-life was known far and wide

Her request for a son was a doozy

(She definitely DIDN’T have me in mind)

And STILL thinks that she got Shanghaied!

For my Mom on Mother’s Day 2010 – I LOVE YOU MOM!

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